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How we track events

We track user events that help us understand our users' behaviour. Each event is associated with the email address of a user. Therefore in order to track an event, it needs to be linked to an individual email address.

Contacts and traits, Events and properties

The details we associate with users are called traits while the details we associate with events are called properties.

For example, a person could have the following traits:

  name: "Joe Bloggs",
  email: "",
  accountType: "premium"

While an event (say, a "Form Submitted" event) could have the following properties:

  formId: 1423,
  title: "Get in touch",
  source: "ad_campaign_412"

Traits and properties are always defined in camelCase e.g. accountType rather than snake_cse or any other case.

Event naming convention

We follow the Object Action naming convention. This means that all event names start in the affected Object and then describe the action that has affected this Object. For example:

  • Product Viewed
  • Application Submitted
  • Account Created

The names of events are always given in Title Case, e.g. User Signed Up, rather than snake_case or any other case.

How to log Events

We use our in-house wakeflow-events package to track events. See instructions for how to use it here.

List of identify calls and their properties

  name:'Joe Bloggs',
    street: '10 Somewhere Road',
    city: 'London',
    postcode: 'W2 6BC'
    country: 'UK'

List of track calls and their properties

wakeflowEvents.track('','User Logged In',{

wakeflowEvents.track('','User Logged Out')


If you have any questions about event tracking, reach out to