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How we holiday

Annual Leave

Everybody has annual leave of 25 days per year.

Public Holidays

There are 8 public holidays per year in England and Wales. You can take these days off on the date of the actual public holiday or at any other point in the year. This gives you a total holiday allowance of 33 days per year.

Taking a holiday

To take a holiday you need to submit a request at least two weeks before your first day off to

If you want to take public holiday on the date of the public holiday, you do not need to submit a request in advance, but please let the team know nonetheless.

After the holiday request has been accepted the dates should be visible on the wakeflow holidays calender. The holiday calendar should have been shared with you and should be visible at If it is not please contact to have it added.

Logging 8h to the project "Holiday"

Each day that you take holiday you must book 8h to the projet "Holiday" on

Carrying over holiday days to the next year

The holiday year runs between 1 January and 31 December. If at the of the year you have days left over, you can take up to 5 of them over into the next year. If you have more than 5 days of holiday left untaken, they will be lost.


If you have any questions around taking holidays, please email