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How we interview candidates

If you're interested in getting a job at Wakeflow there a number of steps in the interview process that you need to complete successfully. These are listed out below.

1. Our Quiz

  • If you're interested in working for Wakeflow, the first step is to take our quiz. You have 5 minutes to complete it and it is available here. If you score well enough on the quiz you're invited to the next stage:

2. 15min Interview

  • This is a quick informal chat to see whether what you're looking for and what we're looking for is a good match. We'll have some questions for you and give you a chance to ask us some questions as well.

3. Quick Coding Challenge

  • is one of our side projects. It is a collection of cloud functions that you can use anywhere (via API, as a Javascript package, as a Python Package, in Google Sheets, from our CLI, etc.)

  • This task requires you to build a new function that is not already on and to submit it to the platform. Details can be found on the contributing page.

4. Pair Programming Session

  • In the Pair Programming Session I'll tell you about a real work problem that we have to solve and ask you to share your screen with me, so that I can see how you go about it. The idea is to see how you write code, but also (and more importantly) how you solve problems. Given we don't know the answer ourselves, it's a good exercise to see whether and how you try to get to a solution.

  • The duration of the Pair Programming Session is 3 hours, so that we have a good amount of time to get to a solution.

5. Job Offer

  • If you do well on the Pair Programming Session we are sure you'll be a valuable member of the team and we will make you a job offer. Typically we'd want you to start as soon as possible!


If you have any questions about this process, reach out to