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Sorting Arrays with sort-array

At wakeflow, we follow a consistent approach to sorting arrays in our front-end and back-end development. For array sorting operations, we leverage the sort-array package, which provides a convenient and flexible solution. In this guide, we'll explore how sort-array enables us to efficiently sort arrays and maintain consistency across our projects.


To get started with sort-array, you can install it using npm or yarn:

npm i sort-array


yarn add sort-array

Example Array Sorting with sort-array

The following code snippet demonstrates an example of sorting an array using the sort-array package:

import sortArray from 'sort-array';

const arrayToSort = [
  { name: 'Item A', date: '2023-07-01' },
  { name: 'Item B', date: '2023-07-03' },
  { name: 'Item C', date: '2023-07-02' },

const sortedArray = sortArray(arrayToSort, {
  by: 'date',
  order: 'asc',


Why sort-array?

When it comes to sorting arrays in our projects, we rely on the sort-array package for its numerous advantages. Here are some reasons why sort-array is a valuable choice:

  1. Flexible and Customizable Sorting: sort-array provides a wide range of sorting options and flexibility. We can easily sort arrays based on specific properties, including nested properties or even custom comparison functions. This level of customization allows us to handle complex sorting requirements efficiently.

  2. Stable Sorting: The sort-array package ensures stable sorting, which means that elements with equal sort values retain their original order. This is crucial when dealing with arrays containing multiple elements with the same sort value. Maintaining the original order enhances predictability and consistency in our sorting results.

  3. Efficient Performance: sort-array utilizes a highly optimized sorting algorithm, resulting in excellent performance, even when sorting large arrays. Its efficient implementation guarantees that our sorting operations execute swiftly, allowing us to process and manipulate data efficiently.

  4. Ease of Integration: Integrating sort-array into our projects is straightforward. The package follows a simple and intuitive API, making it easy to incorporate into our existing codebase without significant modifications. It seamlessly integrates with our JavaScript projects, simplifying the sorting process.


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